The Gallup Family Association

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The Gallup Family Association, Inc. originated early in 1902 as the Gallup Cemetary Association, Inc., when twenty-three descendants of persons buried in the Gallup Burying Ground, Gallup Hill Road, in Ledyard, Connecticut subscribed their names to articles of association for the purpose of organizing a corporation to protect, care for and improve the Gallup Burying Ground. These articles of association were presented to the office of Secretary of State at Hartford, but were not approved.

2014 reunionFour of the signers of the original articles — Simeon Gallup, Dwight Gallup, Jacob Gallup and Christopher M. Gallup — set about to put the articles of incorporation into the proper legal form and on July 27, 1902, signed the document which was presented to the office of Secretary of State. These articles were approved and recorded and a certified copy bearing the seal of the State of Connecticut was returned to the signers and was recorded in the records of Ledyard.

2009 geneologyOver the years, the Gallup Family Association, Inc. has prospered to a conservative degree, dedicated to the purposes of maintaining the care of the Gallup Burying Ground on Gallup Hill Road in Ledyard and promoting the affairs of the Gallup family. The trust of the original twenty-three founders has been faithfully maintained; the future holds a bold promise of the same faithful performance.

“When things are come to some perfection, it delighteth to
looke back at their founders, and glorie in their wothie enterprises.”

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